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‘Indicative’ game: Raksha Khadse’s candidature application rejected! 6 unopposed with NCP’s Eknath Khadse

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Jalgaon: The Jalgaon District Central Bank elections were held on Thursday. BJP MP and Eknath Khadse’s family member Raksha Khadse’s application was rejected due to lack of signature. However, this process is considered to be a “suggestive ploy” by NCP leader Eknath Khadse to get out of the “crisis”. Because, if Raksha had remained in the election arena, Khadse would have had to campaign against him and if he had been elected, he would have had to campaign for BJP. Eventually, the “indicator” became an excuse and a way out.

In the election, 279 nominations were filed for 21 seats and 130 nominations were rejected. So far, Mahavikas Aghadi has won 6 out of 21 seats unopposed. This includes 4 seats of NCP and 2 seats of Shiv Sena.

Eknath Khadse unopposed: Independent Nana Patil had filed an application against Eknath Khadse in the Muktainagar Society constituency. He also withdrew. Former MLA Smita Wagh’s candidature in the Amalner Society constituency was rejected. Anil Patil is the only candidate.

If Raksha Khadse was in the fray on behalf of BJP, then from the women’s reserved constituency. The match between Raksha and his family member Rohini Khadse-Khewalkar would have been colorful. In this situation, daughter-in-law on one side and daughter on the other side, this patch was in front of Eknath Khadse. However, due to lack of signature of the indicator, Raksha Khadse’s application was rejected and the issue was resolved.

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