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Manish Sakekar- The Best electronic producer

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Manish Sakekar (Born on 8th May 1996) is one of the best male electronic music producer from Maharashtra. He is the youngest music producer in town. he started his music career in 2014. Manish Sakekar with the sound knowledge of Multiple music genres ,he worked with Bollywood & Electronic Dance music, he is also a certified Radio Jockey from Shivaji University,Kolhapur. Recently he sign Awaz records for his upcoming singles,a few years ago In 2015 he Relesed One of the best marathi remix and that remix goes viral on youtube with more than 1 million views. He properly From kolhapur but corrently living in Ashta City In Sangli Dist.

Recent Release 2021

The Goddess (Original Mix)
Label:Awaz Records

Old School (Original Mix)
Label:Awaz Records

Groovy (Original Mix)
Label : Awaz Records

Year Title

2015 Mere Humsafar (Remix)
Release: Sept 2015
Label: AIDC

2016 Baghtoys kay Mujra Kar(Remix)
Release: May 2016
Label: RemixHolic / Sounds Marathi

2017 Faded (Remix)
Release:Jun 2018
Label: RemixHolic

2018 Takeaway(Remix)
Release: Jub 2018
Label: Remixholic

2019 Mehrama
Release: July 2019
Label: Remixholic

2020 Shayad (Remix)

Release: May 2020
Label: Youtube

Label: Remix holic
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