Marceline’s House Minecraft

Marceline’s House Minecraft – Marceline’s home is one among Marceline’s many locations in Journey Time. This pink home with a brown roof and a white fence round it has a big deck, a basketball web, and three cupolas. It is likely one of the few buildings within the Land of Ooo to resemble a standard, underground construction. Positioned in a darkish cave, it first seems in “Outcasts!” as a possible dwelling for Finn and Jake till Marceline determined to take it over for good, and restored their Tree Fort.

The home first seems in “It Got here from the Nightosphere”. Marceline is proven with a small zombie poodle named Schwabl who lives in her home. There appears to be a doggy door in his kitchen for him. Her couch is uncomfortable, however Marceline often ignores utilizing it as a result of she will be able to simply float. Close by, there are candles positioned on the wall above it to the left and to the proper. There aren’t any electrical lights in the lounge, however many lamps. There’s a ladder on the wall subsequent to Marceline’s amps for her Ax bass that results in her bed room, which is linked to her toilet. Marceline’s closet made its first and solely look in “Marceline’s Closet.” He has a recording studio in his home. He recorded the tune, saying nobody ought to ever hear it (besides Finn & Jake) which is sensible as a secret as a result of he was singing an entry from his journal.

Marceline’s House Minecraft

Marceline's House Minecraft

Marceline spends most of her free time practising her bass guitar; he even recorded music with Finn, utilizing his moveable recording machine. The home additionally seems in “Go With Me,” when Finn and Jake comply with Marceline dwelling so Finn can get her to go to the flicks. It additionally seems in “Warmth Signature” when Finn and Jake go there to see Warmth Signature with Marceline and her ghost pals, Wendy, Georgy, and Booboo.

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Huntress Wizard’s House

In “Simon & Marcy,” Finn, Jake, Marceline and Ice King are seen taking part in basketball with a basketball web exterior his home.

In “Come Alongside With Me,” Beth and Shermy are revealed to be the brand new residents of Marceline’s home sooner or later. It’s not recognized what occurred to its former inhabitants.

In Drawing Time: The Far World particular “Obsidian” takes place a couple of years after the top of the sequence, Princess Bubblegum can also be seen dwelling in the home with Marceline and far of the furnishings and decorations have modified, clearly from Bubblegum. There are additionally newly found photos of him and Marceline up on the wall.

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Marceline's House Minecraft

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