Minecraft Continent Seed

Minecraft Continent Seed – Minecraft Island Seeds (small continents too!) Posted: 03/09/2012 | Creator: | Filed in: Video games | Tags: 1.2.5, 1.3.2, jungle island biome, island seeds, massive islands, minecraft, flat biome island, seeds, small continents, survival islands, swamp island, techpack, tekkit | 13 feedback The place are all of the paradise islands?

PLEASE NOTE! That is an previous publish. These seeds will solely work for older variations of Minecraft from V1.2.5 to 1.6.4! Worldgen was modified in model 1.7 of Minecraft.

Minecraft Continent Seed

Minecraft Continent Seed

Updates: 2012-09-06 – remoted small continents 2012-10-25 – extra islands 2013-06-04 – very distant island continents 2013-07-04 – extra distant island continents

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Apart from the small remoted islands (aka survival islands) that you simply typically begin on, regular islands are fairly exhausting to search out as a result of land era algorithm favoring bigger continents.

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The issue with “survival islands” is that they’re merely excessive floor protruding of the water floor of regular ocean biomes. The draw back of beginning in an ocean biome is that there are not any animals, this removes many points of the sport.

Is the approximate beginning space. A minimum of that is the place I ended up, it’s possible you’ll seem some place else.

Seed: -524847 If you happen to journey a bit south of the spawn, you will come to this group of very remoted islands.

Windy Archipelago Geographic Location In Exflora

Seed: 8900216311878691 In the beginning of a plains biome, there are two close by jungle islands and a bigger swamp/desert/jungle island close by. There’s additionally a mushroom island not far to the east.

Seed: 1635580565816 It isn’t as remoted because the earlier one, however you begin on a jungle island with a lot of lakes and some different massive islands close by.

Seed: -1305140723723 An awesome mini-continent on your server! Desert, jungle, taiga, plains, excessive hills, village, two temples (in 1.3.2) and a fortress!

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Minecraft Continent Seed

That is essentially the most remoted small continent I’ve come throughout in Minecraft. To get to the closest continent, you’ll have to journey a complete of 3000 blocks. As if that wasn’t sufficient, you additionally begin on a small forest island!

Trying For Small Continent Seed

Right here is one other very remoted small continent! This one lacks villages and temples. You additionally begin on a forest island.

Remoted small/medium continent. From the desert island, it’s a couple of thousand blocks to achieve the mainland.

Obtain Amidst and run my AutoHotkey script to shortly generate new random seeds each time you hit enter!

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