Minecraft Enderio Grains Of Infinity


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Minecraft Enderio Grains Of Infinity

Minecraft Enderio Grains Of Infinity

I’ve modified the configuration to Double Compressed Grains of Infinity blocks can be utilized to make infinity grains.

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Once I disconnect from my server, the method runs and the snippet is loaded with the FTB Utility.

Once I got here again, all of the flint and metal have been gone and I had the infinity grain prefer it was working because it ought to however the double compression grain block was now gone.

The dispenser is loaded with flint and metal from the chest, when the hearth goes out the watcher sends a redstone sign to the dispenser lighting one other one. repeat till there aren’t any extra flints and metal

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Strive placing a roof over it. IIRC, Grains of Infinity blocks are damaged by Water (together with rain).

What’s On Steam

Put a roof over it and it nonetheless disappears. Additionally produce other gamers which have their underground gamers and it is gone on them too.

First thought is is water dripping from a top of just one block affecting it however different gamers are 6-10 blocks underground.

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Minecraft Enderio Grains Of Infinity

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