Minecraft Portal Particle

Minecraft Portal Particle – ▶ [Set ‘repeat’ and ‘always active’ ] The primary command (the one on the backside) creates portal particles on the coordinates you specify. You will have to vary the “X Y Z” to coordinates out of your world. Including “pressure” to the top of the /particle command will make the particles seen from any distance, whereas in the event you do not pressure the particles they may solely be seen from a distance of as much as 16 blocks.

▶ [Set to ‘chain’always active’ ] The second command teleports all individuals within the portal to a different location specified by you. You will have to exchange the “X Y and Z” within the sq. brackets with the coordinates of the portal and the opposite “X Y and Z” with the coordinates of the place you wish to teleport the participant.

Minecraft Portal Particle

Minecraft Portal Particle

▶ [Set to ‘chain’, ‘conditional’ and ‘always active’ ] The third command performs a easy teleport sound. Remember to vary X Y Z to the coordinates of the place the participant teleports to. Don’t substitute them with portal coordinates. Since this command block is ready to “conditional”, the sound will solely be performed if the earlier command block acquired a Redstone sign. Subsequently, the sound solely performs when the participant teleports.

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Fancy Block Particles

▶ [Set to ‘chain’, ‘conditional’ and ‘always active’ ] The fourth command block provides a nausea impact to all gamers passing by way of the portal. Keep in mind to exchange X Y Z with the identical coordinates you used for the /playsound command.

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