My Bees Keep Disappearing Minecraft

My Bees Keep Disappearing Minecraft – The bees simply disappear extraordinarily rapidly. I had a bee to start with, which disappeared after a few days of play. Later I bought a bee nest with 3 bees from an oak close to my base. I bred two of them (for a complete of three grownup bees and 1 child bee) and shortly after two of them appeared to have disappeared once more. So I reared the remaining two bees (for a complete of two grownup bees and 1 child bee) and went off to do different chores. After I bought again, it appeared like I had misplaced two bees once more (sure, I checked the hives by standing subsequent to them for a minute to hear for any sounds, and there have been none).

Some time later, I used to be harvesting my wheat and noticed an grownup bee and a child bee flying collectively (see screenshot under). It appeared fairly removed from the hives, however I believed (

My Bees Keep Disappearing Minecraft

My Bees Keep Disappearing Minecraft

After getting back from a spelunking journey I checked on the hives and so they had been nonetheless not prepared to reap (the final time I harvested them was a very long time in the past). I went searching for the bees and could not discover a single one. I waited some time (a number of recreation days) and the hives nonetheless look deserted. There aren’t any bees wherever. So it is secure to say my final two bees are gone as nicely.

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Construct A Honey Bee Bait Hive

A fast search on reddit exhibits I am not the one one who’s had this drawback – there are complaints of lacking bees going again 7 months and as much as 2 days.

I learn a pair dozen of these posts and the theme appears to be bees fortunately killing themselves with water, fireplace, cactus. I have never witnessed this occur with my bees, however it appears believable since I’ve a pure waterfall close to my base (round which I’ve organized my crops) and a raised campfire (to make it simpler to identify my base from the space ).

There have been additionally a remark or two saying that bees can randomly fly up and down with out stopping, or randomly depart their hive/nest based mostly “neighborhood”. One other commenter prompt that bees might also be entering into strong blocks and suffocating inside, which has been a long-standing drawback with animals I do know very nicely (though have not noticed lately).

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One other sort of remark prompt that maybe the bees might be attacking me and dying that manner with out my realizing it. I can guarantee you that the few occasions I harvested honey from the hives I used to be very cautious, attentive and made certain that there have been no bees in or close to the hives, and absolutely I’d have observed {that a} bee stung me. This speculation might be dominated out.

Magic Bees/botania Beegonia Habits?

I am doing this report as a result of I used to be really fairly disenchanted to lose all my bees, as a result of I actually loved this new characteristic, I used to be trying ahead to having bees flying out of my base and pollinating my crops, listening to the lovable buzzing noises. they do once I’m harvesting… however I am unable to appear to have that. Apparently the one solution to keep a bee tradition is to have them fully enclosed in a sanitized house. I am not fully in opposition to it, I simply haven’t got the supplies or the motivation to construct one thing like that proper now.

I feel out of doors bee farms must be viable. I feel it’s one thing anticipated by many gamers. Why not?

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So please repair this (regardless of the precise trigger is: committing suicide or wandering). Make your AI smarter or block your roaming. It should not be onerous so that you can diagnose. I’m attaching a screenshot of my base. It is nothing uncommon. Only a good pure setting. I even have chickens and sheep, they’re advantageous.

My Bees Keep Disappearing Minecraft

The place the place I final noticed that grownup and child bee is a bit to the left of the waterfall, which is greater than 20 blocks from the hives (20 blocks is meant to be the utmost journey distance based on this abstract video from 20w12a snapshots that I noticed lately) ).

Why Do Bees Depart Your Hive? 16 Causes For Bee Absconding

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