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The Center should apologize to the country for the slippage of denomination; Demand of Sanjay Raut

Sanjay Raut

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Mumbai: Five years have passed since the denomination ban. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has strongly attacked the central government. Sanjay Raut has demanded that the Center should apologize to the country for the denomination.

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has made this demand while talking to the media. Today, five years after the denomination decision, Kashmir has witnessed the highest increase in terrorism. In these five years, black money has increased the most in the country. So denomination has completely failed. The denomination decision was an economic disaster. Hundreds of people lost their jobs and lives after the denomination. Therefore, the central government should apologize to the country for the denomination, Raut said.

First, dismantle the terrorists’ bases
In the meeting of the BJP executive, BJP national president JP Nadda has appealed to overthrow the central government from Maharashtra. Raut has ridiculed Nadda’s appeal. JP Nadda is a gentleman. There are good leaders. He said that the government of Maha Vikas Aghadi should be overthrown from Maharashtra. Before that, they have invaded China in Arunachal Pradesh and China has established villages in its borders. They should first uproot China from Arunachal Pradesh. Terrorist attacks have increased in Jammu and Kashmir. The bases of terrorists have increased. He challenged them to be uprooted immediately.

It is natural for BJP to fail
Understand the role of BJP. Despite its efforts in Maharashtra, the BJP has not been able to spare even a single child. He also hinted that if such a large state, central government, the entire central system is not in control, the government will fail despite the use of terror, pressure and money.

Then turn to Maharashtra
For the sake of national security, if the extremists are uprooted from Arunachal to China and from Kashmir, then the BJP must turn to Maharashtra and do whatever it takes to uproot the country. In politics, in a democracy, the other party has the right to remove a government in a democratic way. But if you are talking about uprooting, the people who have infiltrated the border and settled in villages, if China can do anything to uproot them, then the country is eager to understand, he added.

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